1. Golden

From the recording Cut The Tent

8th track from the album "Cut The Tent", due for release 21st July 2014.


So there's me, working day to day
It's a blessing, and I'm guessing
you don't really agree with me,
You lack the spark that starts the light
that makes you live for the night
Does it make you feel alright
Does it make you feel alright
Does it make you feel alright
Look at me, tell me what you see
would you entrust, when you must
not even know my name
its just a game its just a game
are we insane?
Stop, wait. I might be too late,
Watch the world go by, don't waste another day
You're right, I'm closer now I'm told
What I'm ready for, what I'm ready for
Makes me golden, makes me golden, makes me golden
You talk about how you share yourself,
opening your arms to all he offering that you are dealt
but what is obvious, is you're oblivious
that you lack in levelheadedness
funny how you believe your lies
We all need the bitter truth, why do we slave to pay for the/those better things x2