From the recording Cut The Tent

5th track from the album "Cut The Tent", due for release 21st July 2014


Could Have Saved You
Well he turned about midnight and gave me a card
He always always tells me not to go far
And I’m gonna reach down into my my might
and tell him that I just don’t need him
And it’s too late for me to be saved
It’s not that I don’t need help,
It’s that I don’t want it
Do you really need to be here
You came so far
All the little things that could’ve saved you
You came so far
He will always give up before he even starts
I know cos the very first day I gave it to him, he broke my heart
And finally I know that all we need to be apart, is for me to close
the doors he’d opened so far
And you know that can’t go back to the start, without being different in some little part
he always keep his part