1. Cut The Tent

From the recording Cut The Tent

3rd track and title track from the album "Cut The Tent", due for release 21st July 2014. The song recalls the capture of Cochise during the Apache wars and bios escape from custody. He had been accused of the kidnap of a white boy. Despite an intensive search and extensive bloodshed the boy was never found and Cochise never recaptured. Several years later a "white Apache" appeared in the region; well versed in Apache ways but obviously not of the Apache race. The mystery was never solved but the legend has it that this was the same boy who had once gone missing. The story goes that he had been cared for by his captors and adopted into their clan.


Cut The Tent
So long Felix, wait.
What on earth really happened to you that day
freed by himself poor mickey
spare by no other than the kidnapping apache
Whispering wind, and the fire
we'll dance to the drum of our heart beat x2
Hope you weren't on your own x4
Bascom couldn't be more wrong
Who paid the price of a brother and nephew gone?
freed by himself poor mickey
saved by no other than the kidnapping apache
The lies die with the smoke
Forever, no one really knows